Collection: Seeds

The magic of seeing a small seed turn into a beautiful plant is a mesmerizing experience for children. Our packs of seeds and grow kits have been carefully selected for kids and young gardeners, making growing plants from seed a lot of fun.
All of our grow kits have been hand-picked and designed for small hands and will inspire children to grow new and wonderful plants. As wildlife plays a key role in creating a productive garden, our flower ranges focus on supporting pollinators like bees and butterflies. Or maybe you want to eat some flowers - try planting our edible flower seeds!
Or are you looking for a present for someone? If you are looking for a great eco party bag idea then the grow kits and packs of seeds in this collection make a fab all-year-round present for children interested in wildlife and gardening. Other great childrens gardening gifts can be found in our our ‘Gardening Gifts’ section.