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Ladybirds Shelter Herbs Collection

Ladybirds Shelter Herbs Collection

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The Ladybirds Shelter Herbs Collection from Piccolo contains three packs of seeds which create a fantastic environment for your garden or balcony ladybird population. The three herb seeds are bronze fennel, Long Island dill and Thüringer coriander, which are both great for ladybirds and very tasty for cooking with.

  • Bronze Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) has dark foliage and bright yellow flowers, and is very pretty as a backdrop to borders. Unlike regular fennel (Florence fennel), this variety does not produce a bulb but leaves, stems and seeds are all edible and can be used to give extra flavour to salads, soups and breads. The packet contains around 150 seeds.
  • Long Island Dill (Anethum graveolens) is known for its feathery leaves and large clusters of yellow flowers. The leaves, stems, flowers and seeds are used for pickling and the leaves are often added to fish dishes in Scandinavian cuisine. Like Bronze Fennel, ladybirds and other aphid-eating bugs love the protection offered by the dill leaves and flower umbrellas. The packet contains around 150 seeds.
  • Thüringer Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) has been used as a herb since before Roman times and it is one that divides the crowds (apparently the love or hate of coriander is down to genetics!). The young leaves are used in many Asian and Central American dishes, while the seeds can be used for pickling and seasoning. This variety is an old German traditional one, which is good for seed production. The packet contains around 100 seeds.

The seeds are of certified standard, non-GMO and non-hybrid. The latter is particularly important to us as we believe that it is good for children to witness the whole seed-to-seed cycle and learn to grow from seeds that they have picked from the plants they originally grew (when possible!).

The packaging of the seeds is also very eco-conscious with heat-sealed paper envelopes and contains a description of the plant and how best to grow it.

Please note that these seeds have been designed for adults and children alike and so not all the 'advice/suggestions for use' on the packaging is relevant for children.

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