Collection: Watering Cans

Watering plants with a children's watering can is without doubt one of the best ways to get kids interested in gardening. It is fun, can be done inside or outside, and helps children understand what it takes for plants to grow. The increase in hosepipe bans in the summer also means that having a small watering can is even more important than ever. A normal watering can is sometimes too large and heavy for children, but a children's watering can is perfect for mini gardeners! When looking to buy it is important to look at things like the volume of the can, the quality of the handle, and the quality of the material. And obviously having lots of colour options and cute characters on the side is really important to children!

If you are looking for a childrens watering can our collection includes a nice selection of small and colourful ones perfect for mini gardeners or adults just looking to buy a small indoor watering can. From UK-made durable plastic ones with removable rose heads, to metal ones with cute characters - we have a lot of choice for when it comes to kids favourite gardening pastime!