Collection: Gardening Gloves

We know from personal experience that children's hands can sometimes get cold and sore when gardening. That is why we have created this fantastic collection of kids gardening gloves. As well as being fun and comfy to wear, these kids gloves are great at protecting children's hands during actvities in the garden. They also make great children's gardening gifts.
When buying kids gardening gloves it is frustrating to find them in only one size. It can also be hard to find toddler gardening gloves or gloves for children of pre-school age. Giving real choice is very important to us. That is why our collection of kids gardening gloves comes in a variety of types, sizes and materials. All the childens gardening gloves are produced by major UK and European companies such as Burgon & Ball, Kent & Stowe and Blackfox. They are very colourful and have fun characters on them that kids love.

They also make great children's gardening gifts or as part of a gardening gift set - for example some of our kids gardening gloves even have matching wellies or aprons and kneelers.