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Anyone with an interest in gardening will have come across Haws watering cans either because they were captured by the fab design and colours or because they have heard of their amazing reputation.

Haws was established in 1886 in North East London and more than 130 years later their watering cans are still manufactured in the UK (Birmingham to be precise).

The first design was created to improve existing watering cans so that whether full, half full or empty the can could be used without undue strain to the user. The original design has not changed much since its creation and it still delivers on the initial promise.

With their striking colours and fun design the two Hays watering can models that we stock are perfect for children and young gardeners.  The Langley Sprinkler and the Bartley Burbler are both made in the UK from a high density, recyclable plastic. They come with a 3 year guarantees.

They can be used all over the house and garden and they have a removable fine spray rose that is great for seeds, seedlings and delicate plants.