Five fun gardening activities for kids to do during half term

Fun gardening activities for children

I don’t think that my head has yet come to terms with the start of a new year nevermind the fact that February half term is already here. As usual, I am caught unprepared so I am currently thinking of activities to do with my two girls (4 nearly 5 and 7 years old) to fill the time around the two playdates that I have managed to plan in advance mainly thanks to other more organised mums.

If you are as badly organised as I am and/or enjoy spending time growing things with your mini gardener here are 5 fun activities to do with kids during half term which are not weather dependent.

  1. Start seeding indoors – things like tomatoes and cucumbers (or sweet peas if you are into flowers) can be sown indoors now. Why not track the progress of the sprouting seed by starting them both under soil and/or in a bag with wet kitchen roll? If this sounds interesting, check out this fun activity.
  2. Create a nestbox - from the 14th of February it is National Nestbox Week so why not spend some time building and/or decorating a nestbox for your outdoor space? Having a project for half term is always a winner especially with older children.
  3. Chit potatoes - this activity is a quick one to do and gets you ready for when it is time to plant potatoes in about 6 weeks time. Check out this RHS page to see how easy it is to do. Chitting is a fun way for children to observe how plants grow in different ways and it is a very visual one as the potato plants will start to grow and the potato will start shrinking. This is a clear sign that the plants are using up the energy reserves kept in the potato. Once in the soil they will grow roots and get their energy from the soil nutrients.
  4. Plant berry bushes and canes – if the soil is not frozen and the weather permits, bare rooted berry plants such as raspberries and blackcurrants can be planted in the garden. Once the summer arrives and they start bearing fruits they offer a great little ‘eating station’ for little ones and for wildlife alike.
  5. Have fun with winter flowers - if your little one is into arts and crafts, pansies and violas are beautiful at this time of the year so ideal for picking and flower pressing. If you have grown them yourself and you know that they are organically grown you can also pick them to use as cupcake or shortbread decorations. There are not many winter edible flowers (unless you are growing them indoors) and these are very pretty.

I wish you a lovely half term and hope that you will have fun with any of the above activities. If you do, feel free to share as a comment on this blog or on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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