Kids tools and watering cans

Our range of kids tools and watering cans includes high quality options for all ages, from cute and colourful tools sets for younger children to beautifully crafted adult-like tools for older children.

Our kids gardening tools selection include hand forks and trowels, digging spades and forks, rakes and hoes as well as child-friendly small watering cans in a variety of colours.

Most of the tools are made out of wood and metal, with blunt ends for those designed for younger children. They are specifically designed to be light but sturdy enough to cope with children's enthusiastic use. 

As we know that it is often hard to identify which tool is most suitable for your child, each product description specifies the size and the recommended age. However, if you are looking for inspiration for a specific age, you can check out our 2-4 years old (pre-school) and 5-12 years old (school) suggestions. If you are unsure about what tool would be best, feel free to drop us a line as we are always happy to help.